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“David and his team have been instrumental in our business. He has helped us get through some difficult investor negotiations and coached me in positioning my team to exceed expectations. We have experienced some high growth not only in our figures but also in the size of the team."

Gavriel Merkado,
Founder, REalyse

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“David is a fantastic coach, he’s been very influential in helping shape my career. Having seen him work with other startups, I can highly recommend him to any company that is looking to accelerate their growth and optimise team performance.”

Holly Bennett,
Head of Talent, Accel

We remove blockers and provide results

"In moving my business to a place where our scaling process is effective and delivering results David and the team have been instrumental in helping me to remove the blocks in my ways of working as we grow and within the current business structure to really accelerate our progress. It's been empowering and helped me make great leaps forward in growing the business in a very short space of time."

Christian Young,
Founder, Spiked Media

We provide tools to analyse and reflect

"Working with David has accelerated my career a good few years. By giving me the tools to effectively analyse and consistently re-evaluate my perspectives and then strategise accordingly, he has helped me to identify and make the most of opportunities, and to create new ones. He and his team have been invaluable in helping me to maximise and grow my network, and in coaching me through a number of key relationships and negotiations."

Georgie Paget,
Founder, Caspian Films

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